Wednesday, February 18, 2009

short updates:

- Yes, I was and am very busy lately @ work
- Went to Kuching and Cambodia for biz trips for three weeks
- Had one week holiday @ Cambodia for CNY
- Had a great time back home with my sister and family
- My cousin followed me back Malaysia for two weeks!!
- Didn't go anywhere on Valentine's

- But he did make me happy :)
- Stay back at work till 3am yesterday night
- Had a hard time @ work today...technical problems! Damn it!
- Been having sleepless for several nights and still...
- Been having good time with my housemates @ Malaysia's home
- p.s. get along really well with my new housemates ^_^
- Been to Delicious @ OneU with my cousin...think I don't like it!!
- Now thinking how do I start all over again alone...without family T_T
- Spent really less time with my colleagues
- Get along with my juniors quite well...*keep-fingers-crossing*
- Been breaking people hearts O.o [not my faults lah~]
- Sorry folks...I will try to find more time to write more [waiting for my photos though!]
- I'm so so so tired and sleepy now! gotta go~~
- Good Night World...

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