Saturday, March 21, 2009

So I left office around's just too tired and too stress for a Saturday, don't you think?
Then when I, Sheva and Liang reach the car park I then noticed... the Tyre is flat T___T
Oo my... what do we do now... change the Tyre la lolz

Liang and Shelva in action

Liang show off his muscle XD

So Shelva have to do something as well....taking photo!

Oo I did help... check out my hand...damn red... now got one line in the middle of my palm O.o
and one tiny blister T____T

Reach home, I almost wanna faint... not because of the Tyre changing...because of everything I guess...So I just grab everything I have in the fridge and try to come up with something new or something to keep me from hunger... nothing left T____T [*check- buy grocceries]

ehh wait, I have left the Tomyam with coconut seasoning over the steambaot...ah ha!




Ta da~~ taste not that bad...should have do it long time ago XD

Okay's for lazy people, can?

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