Sunday, March 29, 2009

Few days ago, one of my colleague talked to me about his friend needed a hand to translate the website in from English to Khmer language. I thought I could do it, make use of it and maybe can have some extra pocket money.

Today I received an email's from his friend. Guess what it is. Err it's not about the website, he was asking me if I have Cambodian MP3.
Hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahaha and I'm still laughing.... Hahahhahahahahhah
The funny part is, he needs the MP3 for his maid....lolz

Alright now, I think I should reply his email attaching with some mp3 files O.o

Ooo I'm watching Marley & Me...quite a nice movie I would say. It's about the dog, Marley and the reporter, John is his name. John became a reporter as he wish to be and adopted Marley from the dog farm because he was trying to keep his wife, Jenny, distracted from wanting to have a baby. The couple live with up and down side stories of life. Story goes on, life goes on. It's just like how we live our lives. It's fast and real quick that things just happened like in a blink.

Update: I was about to publish this post, and there I received another email from that guy.

Hi Sophea, thanks so much for your quick reply.

She doesn’t mind, as long as they are Cambodian music.

Can you burn all to CD and pass to abc?

Thanks again.


Walaoeeeee like that also can arr... Okay now it's not funny anymore...GOooooood Looooorrrddd!!

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Jamilah said...

i watched Marley & me too, i like it too. cried my eyes out when Marley died.