Sunday, November 09, 2008


Tragedy in Office

a mess started by the r.@t (s)

It destroyed my cactus root!!

not just the root, bite, ate and killed my cactus!!
Lying on the bed on Saturday afternoon after work, watching Studio Ghibli's cartoon again and again...

Got up and turn on two laptops, open all the software I have in them and watch what is going to happen. Yeah, not much a different, they were hanged o.O

Okie, this is no fun.

So there we go two cups of all purpose flour, one tea spoon of baking powder, one tea spoon of salt, six eggs, a cup of melt butter, one and a half cup of sugar, a cup of melt dark chocolate and three table spoons of cocoa powder. Ooo some more chopped nuts. Ah ha!

There it goes into the 200 degree oven for 20 minutes~~~

Ta da!! isk....not looking good

Back to the oven another 10mn in 120 degree....

Me: Tracy, do you smell it?
Tracy: yeah, it smelled very nice a while it's burning!
[looking at the smoke came out of the oven]


*ting*'s burned but the inside still soft. hmmmm what a loser.


melt choco

Ha!! It's not an absolute failure, the soft melt chocolate inside became the sauce for the choco cake! Woohooo Tracy called it as a choco brownie hahaha

choco brownie wanna-be

Well, not that bad, at least I tried hahaha

Enjoy the Brownie~ ^_^ and Happy weekend


Dennis said...

Hmmm... your chocolate brownie looks like something else to me...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

okie la i got what you mean, okeh?

ha! will do it for ur bday next year xD!!