Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Why did you cry?" he asked, without hesitation I answered "Nothing" and ran over to his arms.
Being very sweet of him, never dig for the answers why but comfort me with hug and love.

I feel him once again after all.

I asked myself "why did I cry?" I couldn't seek the answer.
Maybe I'm just little too weak for anything.
Maybe I'm just little too tired of everything.
Maybe I just need his comfort and love.

I wish this isn't love, so I could make excuse out of it. I wish this isn't what it drives through to the pain I used to be. I wish I'm just being childish and ignorance and things will be back to normal again soon.

Don't ask me why. Bear with me, would you?


Blue Crystal said...

SigH!!! i'm looking for some1 who willing to borrow his arm and shoulder to me.....Guy,hUG me!!!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...


Blue Crystal said...

ThaNKs DarLiNg...Dun forget t offer,reserve it for ME!!!!!