Monday, November 03, 2008


Warning: lots of photo here jo haha

Yeay~~!!! I went Paddington house of Pancakes...with Max.

I've been craving for pancake and cupcake for months already.
Ooo I was busy and too lazy to bake lo haih...

?? : Steak and salad [RM 35++]

Juicy Steak *droolling*

Galettes: Beacon, Egg and Cheese with Bean [RM 16++]

So...breakfast to me haha

Okeh, I'm done with breakfast pancake, may I have my dessert please?
Being very greedy, we ordered two type of dessert.

Dutch Lady: Plain pancake with jam, ice cream and honey [RM 16++]

Dutch lady slice with ice cream, jam and lemon *yummy*

and Pannekoek: Lemon, Butter and Berry Honey Pancake [RM 15++]

Do you notice how big are they?

Everyone keep starring at us... and our big plate pancakes -___-"

I gave up, too big, we take away the rest o.O

After eat our lunch + dinner, we head for shopping... yeay~~

This is where I got stupid! I spent few hundreds bucks for a pair of jeans from Espirit!!

Espirit's Denim Straight Cut *jeng-jeng-jeng*
[RMxxx you do not want to know this o.O!]

update: after washed, so lose, so long... no so fit anymore :(

It's got me the member club somemore! walao ehh

not just that, I dragged Max to buy a dozen of Cupcakes from Cupcake Chic =.=
do you see how vegetable I am??

Cupcake Chic pax for two

in line cupcakes *tearing-eyes*

pax of six

another pax of six

lots of them *licking-the-glass-door*

Chocolate cupcake with vanilla topping [RM 4.50]

Chocofee [RM 4.50]

Errr how's the cupcake arr? very sweet, very sugar...
Good Lord, they charged me RM4.50 for a sugar bite?
hmmm now I'm so proud of myself, my cupcakes even it's not very very very sweet but this is how I like it lo...You won't bite the sugar from my cupcake right? hehe

anyway, Pancake is still the best :P

Next station: Korean BBQ.
My fav Tae Jung Gam already closed :(
Where should I go? Any suggestion?

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