Monday, March 28, 2011

Kiki by Foong Lye

The name itself remind me of the Japanese Anime from Studio Ghibli, Kiki Delivery Service, one of my favorites Anime from Studio Ghibli.

But this restaurant is a Taiwin cuisine, do not confuse that it's the same origin hehe.

I love the interior design though, it is not because it's in Pink (and no I do not like pink)... because it's fusion, cool and cozy.

The first thing we did were order the famous Sweet Potatoes balls hehe

Sweet Potatoes Balls

Sweet and Sour Chicken set

Stir fried bitter gourd and Seafood soup set

After all the good food, don't forget to get some Chinese tea to wash down all the oily food :)

The food were good and satisfied at reasonable price. I'm not sure if it's Halal (officially) but I saw the sign Pork Free though. So try it at your own risk. hehe

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