Sunday, March 27, 2011


I dropped by Levain, KL, last weekend just to catch up with friends. It was supposed to be Lunch but I was late so it turned out to be high-tea instead... Okie, I'm sorry, alright? Next time we shall be there early and pick the day with clearer sky.

It was raining like nobody business, the sky was gloomy and wet. Oh geez, we were soak with rain.

Mango Short cake

Chicken Ham bun

I didn't get to try the main course because it was after lunch and way too early for dinner >_< So some cakes and bun will do. It was pretty good, actually despite the price was pretty high for cake and drink *booo*. You know what, I would like to go again, if only my good good friends will accompany me again XD

Please please pretty please.... @Ted & @Dennis


Dennis Lee said...

Definitely will go back for more... can't have enough ><

Ted said...

i just realized you blogged this like 5 secs ago -_-
ok let's go again.