Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Taiping, Perak [Jan 2010]

Last months my colleagues and I went to Taiping to attend another colleague's wedding. The next day we went and explored the town. Not so hard to go around since Dennis's from Taiping itself *wings*

He brought us for good foods, darn good and cheap to be precise. He brought us around for shooting and sight seeing... Thanks to him we had a lot of nice photos and great weekend (of course wonderful companies)

The Clock Tower

Taiping Lake Garden

Not to mention that Taiping is a quiet town, and to me is peaceful. A lot of senior citizens hang around outdoor.
Following shots were from around the Lake Garden that we went and took a walk around

Oh...did I mention that the weather was pretty good especially to take portrait shots? Yes, it was.

Best model of the day, Pete

After went around the Lake Garden, we had a quick visit at the Taiping museum. It's more like a natural museum that you will find the animal tail stories than anything else.

The Longest Crocodile in Malaysia, 24 feet long

Will go again for some other interesting things. I really want to go to the hot spring (in Ipoh or Perak heh?). Will do research... who's in?


Dennis said...

I'll be a better tour guide next time... hahaha...

It was really a good trip... although it's my hometown...

Speaking of hot spring... how bout I plan for the rafting trip this coming 28 Feb?

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

I don't see a problem... :)