Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese New Year - Feb 2010

Since I started to work in Malaysia, either I couldn't make it for Chinese New Year celebration or I will be there for working and holidays. A little bit different, this year I took leave to join my family CNY celebration.
Return home a day before the festive kicked in, met up with relatives and help mom to prepare the praying.
Our tradition, we pray on the day before the 1st day of CNY. In the morning, we all will get up really early to cook many dishes and prepared for the festive. There will be fruits, cakes, flowers, drinks, paper money, many dishes of home cook food and etc.

Some family pray in the afternoon some in the evening. The praying time is depend on the different type of God they believe in.

Just before the josticks are burnt out, the paper money will be burn and the belief is that you're not supposed to say hot while burning the papers and all the papers must be all burn out and not torn apart.
After everything is done, all the relatives will have lunch together just like Open house in Malaysia or other places that I might know of.

p.s. earlier post title was 'Chinese New Year: Feb 2010 - Day One', after gone through my photo I don't have enough significant photos to post for day three and four, therefore, here you got the new post title :D

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