Friday, July 24, 2009

I am satisfied...for the night ^_^

I had a very long tired day and ended with a very good night.
Thanks god I have such good and loving friends who willing to join me with the joy ^_^ tqtq

Let's have a good dinner together! I said.
Okie, they said.
Cyber where got nice food? I said.
Cyber where got nice food! They said.
Let's go Sunway, they said.

I have never been such satisfied before. It is considered the first time that I really really enjoy my dinner even though I am so tired and stress. We went to Zan Mai ('s my fav place).
I asked Nic to try the Toro Salmon, and he loves it. And so I tried Hamachi (the yellow tail). *two thumbs up*

My Hamachi (yellow-tail) && Nic's Toro Salmon (salmon belly)
very very very the jelly good

Nic's Chuka Lidako (seasoned baby octopus)
very the jelly good

My Unagi Yanagawa (eel simmered with burdock and egg)
very very very the jelly good

something something wakame O.o||
very the jelly good

My Soft Shell Crabs Maki (fried soft shell crab)
very very the jelly good

Kah Wai's Tenzaru Udon (cool udon noodle with tempura)

p.s. I missed out one more photo, the Soft shell crab sashimi

This is not the end of the night, Kah Wai then had to meet up with Hendra for a drink. I first did not want to join because too tired and have to get to work early (you know... need full concentration :D) But it was still bit early so we joint her for A drink.

We went to Republic. Kah Wai ordered her fav, red wine, a bottle of it. Nic had Jack Daniel and I had Black Russian. The black russian was pretty good, I must say. I've never expected it to be that good (well, I expected some disappointment actually haha). But it's the other way around hehe :P
After awhile we ordered cheese cake and tiramisu... I was craving for cake so badly (even though we just had it on Sunday on Max and Pete's belated birthday but you know when you crave for something it's always wanted and best haha)

Cheese Cake


I know I know my photo are ugleh... but naaa it's okay, it's not the food that I ONLY want to take, it's the moment that I want to remember. This is gooder than nothing hahaha (Ya, I used gooder, any problem?).

And I had the very satisfied dinner, a good drink and the very lovely desserts...^___^

Alrighty peps, I shall return to my cave to sleep... @___@


Dennis said...

Wah... cool nite... must have been spending a lot huh...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

hehe a bit... but it worth it for the joy that i've got... :)