Thursday, July 02, 2009

MySQL Bug or my laptop became mad?

Have any of you encountered this problem before?
Or have I just found the bug in MySQL and/or its tools?

I have a table call xyz and I'm supposed to update the table's attributes. Then I found out that my code was not working. This is because there is not record found in the table.

How can that be when the query that create from the table contains the records?

MySQL's tools

Not satisfied with such results, i tried in phpmyadmin.... that is what i've got!



How could that be??

Nevermind, let check in another tools....

MySQL's tools

Bloody hell, all the tools gave me the total number but never fetch the records
what the heck had just happened here? T____T I need to finish this shit by tomorrow >____<||
Any idea?

short conversation with my colleague
ME: hey, have you encounter this before?
MH: err no, never .... I don't know.
ME: I also don't know leh
MH: maybe you should go home and rest!!
ME: T____T

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