Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There is a new restaurant opened (that I know of) in Cyberjaya, calls Seri Penang.
From far I thought it was a car show room or one of the service centers that lately grow like mushrooms in Cyberjaya...heh.

The decoration is quite ok. Simple and easy. You will not be disturb by the decoration. The food was alright (I think is better than the old penang house T___T ) and reasonable price.

Oh well, the reasonable price is as at today, 2009. This is because recently everything is also expensive in compare with last year where you can get fried rice at RM 4, and now at least RM 6 to 7.

Soya with cendol

Soya with cendol

Lemon barley

Char kuy teow

Chicken lobak lobak

Penang fried rice special

Penang fried rice special

Penang prawn mee

Clay pot chicken rice

Durian cendol

Overall, it was quite alright. Not bad to try out, but nothing special to get me to eat there everyday or week.

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