Saturday, July 04, 2009

Disclaim: while I'm updating this... my coding is running and updating... I'm just trying to be multi-tasking while waiting hehe okay la hor... XD

So last week I went out for some activities, went for marathon, eat eat and eat, drink drink and drink and movie!

After the marathon, we rushed back, get clean and come back out for our hunger fulfillment XD
Dennis nak makan nasi (baked nasi lagi)...while Jenn Ting nak makan good food (the definition of good food: vegeterian T___T). Ah well... so we went to Manhattan Fish Market... hahaha

Oh hey, we bumped into Nicholas and the sister. So we had lunch together gether loh...

note: I'm too lazy to label the photo... so... go figure~

After makan, I shopped for a while and got my cardigan from MNG *tearing eyes*...
Then we head for the movie, Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. It was a great movie and lots of actions. Sadly, me and Dennis were catching some Z whatthefuck T____T because we were too tired loh...

Me wanna watch again, anybody care to go with me? Please pretty please.... *crying*

Aaaaanyway.... after the movie we went for drinks @ Laundry Bar, the curve. hehehe
This is the first time that we all (well most of us) went out for drinks without any occasion/events hehe Should do this more often :P

p.s. they both have McD symbol on top of the head haha

I present to you KilKenny, Irish Beer

Not bad you know, I kinda like it. Easier to drink for little girl like me hehe

An adv for KilKenny
(very obscene meh? O.o||)

Opps the adv fail, forgot to turn the logo out haha
And ooh, we have the new ambassador for Guiness Beer lol

Guinness Ambassador, Malaysia Limkokwing Branch hehe

haha I had fun, it was one of the good weekend. But this weekend, I'm gonna get back to my cave and study my *** off T____T
Hope you guy have great weekend ;)

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