Thursday, July 23, 2009

I went to Jusco, Equine with Christine after work yesterday. Patched up with her for a bit since the last I saw her before I took off to Cambodia :P, says 3 months ago.
I just feel easy and comfortable talking to her no matter what topics... She's one of the adorable crazy innocent intelligent friends of mine hahaha [promote her a bit, though she's attached]
And she claimed to be my blog fan hahaha but she no idea that I've got promoted T____T" where got like that one... *cis*
We head to Kenny Rogers for dinner... was too hungry to think how suck they were...

Strawberry Yogurt drink
[I start to like my phone more and more now... thanks to lion teach me how to use pf T_T]

Cheesy Chicken
It was ok, but I still prefer baked potatoes from Wendy

set promotion...

Notice: only fountain beverage is unlimited refillable... others...sorry duuuuuddddee~
the menu sucking confuse, don't bother to ask them.


Christine said...

When is our next dinner? Bring me to fish head noodle @ shang gee!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

XD hehe no problemo... i can go again and again for nice food!!