Sunday, June 28, 2009

short updates
- Collected the race kit on Saturday, little freak out.
- Went to Mid Valley for shopping to calm myself down...hehe
- Went to Chilli's for dinner, like it.
- Watched Fighting, not bad...but pretty tired... because I thought I was in the fight T_T
- Update twitter like nobody business but it never updated...cilaka
- Participated the 10km KL Marathon and i made in time *tearing-eyes*
- Little over excited on the medal [the cheap one la]
- Went to Manhattan Fish Market for celebration haha
- Continue shopping for a bit @The Curve
- Watched Transformer 2, love it.
- Knock off while watching movie because too tired T_T, anybody care to watch with me *again*?
- Went to Laundry Bar to catch some drinks with bosses and colleagues
- Again, twitter not update.... whatthefuck
- Went to Korean BBQ for dinner *oink-oink*
- I'm too tired to do anything now, update the entire things tomorrow lah hor XD
- Til then...Sleep well and Good night...

p.s. I had a great weekend, but I miss you a lot...just couldn't get you off my mind.

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