Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's the Lab . . .

Lately I've not been anywhere but Lab. Yes, MMU's lab. The lab, the lab that we do our reseach, it is... the lab.
Well there are things in the lab that make me feel comfortable going and sitting there for hours or sometime till dawn even after my 12 hours of office working.

What not to like, I could study, lepak and have fun at the same time hahahaha.
Here, the lab, is the the second place that I spent tremendously such long hours in...
Well, of course the first winner would goes to my Office!! lolz

You wanna know what happen to my house? Errmmmm I stock my stuffs and take shower there hahahaha Just kidding, I just spend less time there, that's it.

We can have supper anytime muahaha because we just love to eat, don't we??

And recently I bought my favorite liqueur and stock in the lab. Hahaha yeah, that is just too much, isn't it? But well, after a long working day, we would like a sip of heaven, don't you think ? hehe

heavenly Bailey Irish Cream

Vanilla Flavor Mille Crepe Cake

Chocolate Flavor

The Mille crepe cakes are from Food Foundry, They are so wonderful...

Thanks to Uncle John for the cakes

The Irish cream goes very well with mille crepe cakes

John's suggestion: mille crepe and espresso.
That sound great hehe will give it a try

Dai Lou tried to digest the liqueur hehehe
He's not much a drinker...
Come to think of it, only me, John and Clement could drink heh...

Clement who help me bought the liqueur from Langkawi, thanks man!!

Some might say, my routine or my life such boring. After long day of working I have to spend more hours in the lab at school. But I don't see it that way. I have to do my research, well that's boring sometime, but hey~ there are time that is fun doing research.
Oh well, what the hell am I talking here, you wouldn't understand hehehe

Anyway, the two different environment just make my daily routine life not so boring, I guess. I work in a very scary political challenging place and at the same time I do research in a tech-savy peaceful friendly lab.

Sometime, I'd like to think I'm so blessed to have such opportunity to live this life. :)
I have great colleagues back in office and I have wonderful friends stick around in the lab.
I couldn't ask for more.

p.s. I still could not find time to arrange my Cambodia and Kuching trip entries T______T will come back to that later....

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