Saturday, June 27, 2009

short updates
- I'm all packed up with plans this weekend
- Packed my bag and go out
- Rough days @ work for a week t[-_-]t
- Packed my bag and ready to move on
- Met cousinssssssssss in facebook... hmmm they are so cute, i miss them alot
- Busy @ work yet I felt nothing started to work out...
- Heard a not so good new from home
- Pray hard and hoping Mother is doing alright [Please GOD, if you've ever want to do anything, just do it on me, would you?]
- Gave some thought about tomorrow marathon... O.O|||
- Ohhh Swing Jazz.... so great....
- Looking forward to tomorrow movie ^_^, oh yeah, Traaaansformerrrr beibeh~~!!
- Gave second thought about the marathon.... f*** man -__-|||
- Going to Bukit Jalil Merdeka Square after work later [over heard it's gonna be packed over there~~ amen!!]
- til then.. Have a great weekend :)

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