Monday, July 14, 2008

DIY: Bookcase Assembling

Let do this thing!! -__-"
Assembling: 30 mn
Arrangement: 30mn [depend on how big is your shelf and how messy is your room!]

Get your things ready, will ya!!?

Get one from the store~

What?? 13 Kg??

The materials

The tools and manual

what the... hammer?? I don't think I got one... naaa what the heck, let see if I can do it or not..

Easy as it is, no Hammer is needed!!

Can't believe I have recipe books more than my research papers!!

Decorate with my new roomie, meet Sharpy!!

Or with my new portrait... somebody wanted to surprise me, but the frame was ended up in the kitchen for weeks before I found out...lolz

"When Life gives you hundred reasons to Cry, Give it thousand reasons to Smile!!" -- I should follow.

Or my un-finished paper stars and birds..
which I supposed to make for someone birthday.....but not anymore


Dennis said...

The book shelve is nice... I want it I want it I want it!!!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

ahahaha No you don't need it~

i actually made some mistake on it... but cant notice, right? nyek nyek nyek