Monday, July 14, 2008

Pete's Birthday

Day 1: The Birthday Eve @ Neway

Pete being cam whore alone...

The rabbit [or is it Bear?] team!!

Portrait: Pete with Dennis

Portrait: Pete and Jong

Portrait: Zenn and Pete

Portrait: Pete and Kevin

Portrait: Robin and Pete [robin, focus!!]

Portrait: Pete and Kah Wai

And this is what happen when he saw the cake!!

Pete [acts gentle], Jong [acts cute] and Dennis [acts cool]

pete: can I have my cake now!?

Look familiar? Ya, it's the same pattern with Max's Birthday

Portrait: Jong and Zenn

Portrait: Zenn and Me


Day 2: The Birthday Treat @ Office

sometime around 2 am

sometime around 2.15 am

sometime around 9 am

Day 3: The Birthday Gift

Smiley Pete

p.s.: still no mood, btw...but too many entries have not I have to do sth -__-"


Anonymous said...

knowing u guys is really not good for health lo... whY? coz u guys trying to get me heart attack on the early morning... TWICE!!! but hey, its good to die with a super-smile on the face thou, hehe.

Love the present!
Love the cupcakes and u, sophea!
Love every single one of u guys!

p/s: my fav color is lavender, NOT PINK, okie? argh...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

we all love you too ^_^

p.s. oopss.. i thought is Pink