Friday, August 22, 2008

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Tagged from Ryan

List down 15 facts about you, if you were tagged from here :P no loop back, alright!!??
  1. I am rough, I mean a real rough...not sweet, not gentle...I never say 'I love you' face to face with any of my ex...[-__-" real shamed]
  2. I'm too straightforward sometime...I used to point my finger to my friend and say...hey you forgot your window! muahahaha
  3. I don't really like Chocolate...naaa not really...
  4. I like alcohol...but I can't drink much beer.
  5. I smoke...Only, if Only under influence of Alcohol!! [Thanks God my parent can't understand English!]
  6. I love baking and cooking [but i find myself quite cheapskate sometime, because all the ingredient are over budget *sob*sob* is this another point??]
  7. I get addicted to things or adapted myself very fast! no good no good...[no facebook today!]
  8. I'm a short temper, impatient, mood swing all the time hahaha [not funny, no?]
  9. I like Spirited Away, the anime from Studio Ghibli [I have watched more than 10 times already...^_^ last watched: 2 day ago!]
  10. I could have American/French breakfast for a week...and I hate peanut butter!!! yuxk~~ -___-"
  11. I rather stay in the office to finish all the shitty works than go back home and dream about it!!
  12. I like to put the incident, coincident, accident whatever-dent as the psychological science explanation! [There is an explanation for everything, it's just you don't know it!]
  13. I get offended very easily if people judge me, my family, my friends, my community!!
  14. I have never wear the dresses that I love due to lacking of confident, physically and mentally!! [whatthefuck!!]
  15. *phhheeewww* and Yes, Lee Haw Feng, you were right. I got the feeling when I see the seniors, very emotional ones....

Would like to see Max, Eryn, Dennis and Kah Wai reply to this ^_^


RYAN|TOMMO said...

16. You are fast and productive. I thought I just received your comment and now you have done answer. -Applause-


k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

errr coz not productive at work... so productive in blog =))

kiwikahwai said...

No. 11 is so right.....should reduce that la.....hehe....but the baking aprt is so rite la...hehe