Monday, April 25, 2011

Nikon 10th Anniversary

Couple of weeks ago I attended the Nikon 10th year anniversary at Mid Valley Exhibition Center.

The event started at 11am, however, many people have arrived earlier. I was shocked when I saw the crowd ran inside the hall the moment the gate was open. Imagine the crowd with full gears running toward the convention hall instead of pretty girls.

The event held up for 4 days from March 31st to April 03rd. My friend and I went on the last day, there were three speakers on that day: Dr. Teh Ban Hup expertize in Light Photography, Jim Liaw for Wedding Photography and Deanna Ng for Street Photography.

Dr. Teh Ban Hup presented his travel photos and his experience

All the speakers have shared their experience as well as how they went through all the obstacles and deal with challenges. Well, of course you will need to be up for the challenge like enough gear to deal with haha.

I would say it was an ok event. No expectation, no disappointment. :)
Below are some photo captured during the event:

Photo Gallery presents the experts' works

Bisect view of Nikon D3S

Model and Runway

Would you look at the crowd!

Ok, to be honest, I can't get through the crowd. They were bigger, taller and more daring. So I could only stand at the side....far far far away hahaha

That's why Zoom Lenses invented at the first place! Darn, I shall get one , no?

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