Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 October: Melaka, Malaysia

Last weekend, my colleagues and I went to Melaka since we had a Saturday off from Deepavali fest. Speaking of which, Happy belated Deepavali to all ^_^

Kah wai and Dennis

Melaka is one of the smallest states in Malaysia beside Pelis and Penang. It's also known as historical state. It was colonized by two European countries, Nederlands and Portugal during the 15 century.
I've been there couple of times but didn't manage to shoot nice pictures. Most of the times I spent at the food stalls hehe. This time, I managed to capture most of the area except few that we have to give up to choose among one and another ~>_<~

Trishaws, Christ Church and the Clock Tower @ Stadthuys Square

Fort A Famosa

Istana Kesultanan Melaka

Melaka Malay Sultanate Water Wheel

Local business men attract the tourists with wild animal photographing

Beside historical places of interest, Melaka has quite a number of famous local foods that everyone must try when they were there.
You will see the queue lining up for three things, for sure:

Chicken rice ball


and Satay Celup

Other local and Nyonya foods and desserts...


Ayam goreng cilli garam

Asam Ikan


Quite a nice place to walk around but it could get pretty heaty, Kah wai was a little bit sun burned though -____-"
Next time if I were there again, please remind me to go to the jetty because everyone told me that I should have been there ~>___<~

p.s. More photo on facebook and flickr.

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Ted said...

Yummy food & nice shots ;)