Monday, October 05, 2009

Weekend BBQ

We've been bbq'ing for two weekend straight now. hmmm wonder should we make it as weekly hahahah

making fire

in progress


some malay kuih (I don't remember the name >_<)

We bought some honey chicken wings and prawn crackers from pasar malam

bbq stuffs

bbq'ing (in a long pronunciation~~ inner joke XD)


almost ready

ah miaow, ready or not? moi hungry already leh~

hamsap ah yee and my speechless face hahahaha

grilled sweet potato and yam~~ nice!!

try out with marshmallows bbq

oi~~ look here la

my god... what the...

At the end of the night we stuffed ourselves with food. Took us hours to let the food digest and be able to move again XD... We just love BBQ, don't we? hehe

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