Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Charity && Art Auction

Last month I went for the Charity and Art Auction events organized by the Kinara Metta Buddhist Society in contribution toward Cambodia children under the care taker of Color of Cambodia in Cambodia.

The events took place at Penang Village, Great Eastern mall, Kuala Lumpur. It started from 15th May to 13th June 2010. Well, I know I am late in updating but I serious have no time to process and go through the photos.

Speaking of which, while I was at the events many had confused me as a media and throw my bags on the floor because the table was for guest only. I have to ask them: How do you identify your guest? All the medias were wearing tags and I was not, can't a normal guess using SLR during the events? Why do they like to jump to the conclusion without asking anything? *double-sigh*

Despite the lack of proper organizing, I met a lot of beautiful and nice people. Plain kind-hearted and wonderful thoughts.

Brought myself and ah miaow to the events by Steven, my colleague, my friend and my inspiration. Steven is friendly, shoot beautiful photo and live to the max.


Steven, Miaow and myself

Meet the beauty whom flew all the way from Cambodia to perform for the events.

Apsara dancer

While our Apsara dancer was dancing, I noticed what this guest was doing. Turns out, he was the artist who draw the second painting for the auction heh.

Emcee from Taiwan and Malayisa

Miss Astro 2009

Did I mention that they volunteer for the events? Oh yes they were.

Made new friend, Dino and his beautiful daughter

The founder of the organizer, Ms. Honey (she drew the first painting for auction too)

Paintings for auction which each of them cost thousands O.o||

After all, though it might not be a perfect events but it was fine. Would like to go to such events more often....only if I could know the entrance fees earlier *tearing*

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