Friday, June 18, 2010

While going through the photos that I have left unprocessed due to fail time management, I realize few photos. I shot in low light and little bit dim. It was not a nice shot speaking of light and color, barely can see the subject of the photo.

The original photos

After higher the exposure and darken the vibrancy and saturation and make it a little warmer , I have the photo with the color that I kinda like heh. A little over expose, red-ish and dark but the subject is available in the frame.

It kinda make the subject skin lighter and softer in a way and dim the entire environment to the low and cozy mood. hehe I don't know what I'm talking about here... I just like these photos *mode*


Dennis Lee said...

You shot in RAW? If that's the case should be able to increase the exposure for at least 2 stops wor... cos they look still quite underexposed to me...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Yep, it's in RAW.
If increase the exposure higher some part of the photo will be super over expose, like the second photo, Ted's face will be totally white, no?