Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Assignment [Cont.]

About one month ago I posted an entry about Random Assignment. Good God, I have just managed to process and upload some photo.

We were actually did some shooting for the 25th Anniversary Proton Saga Contest. Well, it's for ah Miaow, we were just helping hehe

We had some ideas but they didn't seem to work well on the first day, the location was not helping at all. So we just stick around for an hour or two , tried many ways as we could ...

Testing light

Poor Sau Peng, had to stand and hold the light for us to do testing.... kam sia~ kam sia~

Car lights
And of course, big thank to our model of the day~ Lissa mel

Shadow shots

After awhile we gave up....but not without this shot...

The next day we went to another side of area, it was way better, we gotta shot lots things.

glow light

and all these because we have the new helper or I rather call, a very devoted photographer~

We have some nice shots, sit down, stand up and jump~!

Well I was not supposed to be in the shot....but it was more nicer to have two people jumping together =____=|| and it wasn't my idea.

We decided to drag ourselves home after 2am.... And again, not without this shot.

It was fun to go out shooting. Create new idea and try new thing. When's the next shooting ya?

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