Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pre-wedding Photography workshop

was organized by MMU Film and Photography Society. The workshop tag word was Capturing the Moment. The word pre-wedding and capturing the moment have explained itself what is the whole idea about.

Participants from MMU and else where, and yes there was Ngeow, Melissa, Dennis and I. The workshop was conducted and gave speech or rather shared experiences by

Participants from MMU and outside

After sharing the speech, we were split into three group for the outdoor shooting. This is my first time attended the photography workshop, I didn't expect much. Thank God for that. No offend, nothing wrong with the outdoor shooting. But of course, what one's like does not apply to the rest. I was in Paul's shooting group.

Paul's guiding the model how to post the Curve S

Below are some of the shots during the outdoor shooting. To be honest, I do not like my photo shots, I do not like how I will have to go through editing to get the shots done.
But that the experience I gain: If you screw up the shots, cover it with editing.

And I have gotta say this, I don't know why the groom in the photo was so emo. What is his freaking problem to take the photo with his wife-to-be ? Maybe he's shy to post in front of many people hahaha

Ok, last shot...with Joshua, Melissa, Edwin and... oh wait...where is Paul?

Finally... I found myself a best shot of the day

p.s. I'm not saying my editing is good. It sucks too. That's why I keep vomiting blood when I edit, post or update the blog...


Ted said...

lol i got what you really meant. haha. more to a promoter than a teacher i would say.

edwin tan said...

haha, i guess we mention before, it is important to get the exposure right in the camera, photoshop is to enhance the photo, not correct the photo. anyway, thanks for your comment. Will take note and avoid to be a promoter ..

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Ted: like I said, one's preference might not apply to all. So how each and every photographer does their work are different.

Edwin: Exactly~ photo editing is to enhance the photos. But my problem is that those photo have to go through editing...which that's not what I'm looking forward to. haha
Non of you were being a promoter, you just share what you have done. I personally love your works. And would think they do not have to go through editing because they're already great.

edwin tan said...

hmm if you treat editing, digital darkroom which reflect the old film time darkroom, then i guess it is necessary. of course our problem is excessive editing will kill the original feel like you said