Friday, September 03, 2010

August Gathering

Once a while we gather up for lunch or dinner to catch up what have we all been doing. This August, we met up at O'Viet at Sunway Pyramid.

I love the food at O'Viet, only one problem... it's a little over price to me. It might because of it's Vietnamese food that serve in Malaysia but a five pieces of chicken that cost more than RM16 that's not what I'm looking forward to.

Anyway, maybe special occasion like this would serve it right. Ah well, nothing is cheap and is good, that's what they say. Below are some snaps of the food, not many because I was busy rolling the spring roll for the rest O.o||

Mix platter comes with 4 pieces of rice paper

Deep fried spring roll

Deep fried Cambodian's style chicken

Stuffed Wings

Vietnamese style coffee (dripped coffee)

That would be me busying rolling the rice papers...

Joining us at the gathering is our special guest



Ju (aka Pig)

Choon Sen

The one and only who like to hide her face, Melisa


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