Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Port Dickson...again

Yes, my friends and I went to Port Dickson again. This time round we spent a good night there and discover more things about PD. Like I mentioned earlier that PD is a pretty small town, just a few round driving you could actually visit the whole town heh.

Oh and I never mentioned this, it was incredibly hot! *phhhssssstttt* but at the bright side, that was good for photography :P

I posted some snap shots around PD, more photo at my facebook *winks*

Special seat for Spa guests at Avillion Resort

a private beach at Avillion Admiral Cove

Join me this round were:

The four handsome men



The view from the beach behind our apartment at Glory Beach Resort

After the Sun was set, we went back to the apartment get wash up and went for dinner. There were few recommended restaurants by friends and bloggers.
The world aint get any better without technology, a stranger who told the world that one restaurant that he had while visiting a place was awesome and millions of people who read it and believe it.

Ah well.... anyway... we went to Chardin Sea View restaurant. People tent to call only Sea View restaurant, I think because on the restaurant sign board, the word Sea View is bigger than the real name of the restaurant. *weirdo*

Baby Kailan (Chinese Kale)

Egg with sea food

Sizzling Tau Fu

Steam Prawn

Dried Curry Crab

Baked Crab

We ended up order another baked crab, it was superlicious till we just can't stop eating. It was a sinful dinner but it's so worthwhile after all hehe.

Just before we headed back to KL, we had to drop by this Lucky restaurant that famous of King Bun. The giant bun and bake together with the wrapped curry chicken inside. It was another yummy meal.

And guess what we were doing there after the night fall...

A thousand words photo

Coming up next: hmmm I should really get going with my Hong Kong trips photos... oh no...

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