Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A quick trip

Last Saturday, my friend and I made a quick visit at Port Dickson. We depart for PD at 5.30pm and return at 12am midnight.

I've been here for almost 6 years now and it was my first time went to PD. Well, there was nothing fancy but I cross it out of my list now for the place I think I should be visited at least once.

We reached there at about 7pm, I was not on time for the sun set but I caught it while setting.

catching the sun setting

the endless sea

by the sea

PD might not be the big town, it just a small town by the sea. For some reasons, people would like to spend their weekend or time to relax. Some plan for a picnic

Some goes with BBQ

Or you might just relax with the ready to serve you by the restaurant near by the sea side

local hotels for you to spend the night

I was there neither to spend the night nor BBQ.... The need of changing the air was high. It might not be the best chilling, but it was way better to take my time or brain off what I have been doing or been occupied with.

This goes well with all occasion


Dennis Lee said...

The last time I went there should be almost 10 years already hahaha...

Like the 6th picture...

Ben said...

Been to Port Dickson over three years ago and not impressed with the beach. However, I'm very impressed with your sun setting photos of the beach :) people said photographers can turn a dead place becomes alive sound so true ;)

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Dennis: hehe and now you can reset the time...

Ben: thanks, i do really have to learn a lot more. Saw your pictures, they are great. May need to learn from you instead :)