Monday, October 25, 2010

Homepride - Creamy Totamo & Bacon

During my last trip to Kuching, I kinda enjoy more than any other trips that I made to Kuching because this time is holiday, fun, food and joy.

While I was shopping around, I found this glory Home Pride.... Creamy tomato & bacon. Holymoly, the moment I saw it I never think twice for buying. I just grabbed it and hold it tigh in case anyone would take it away from me XD

Homepride - Creamy tomato & bacon

Before baking

After baking

I never try cook it, as in fried or mix like normal tomato puree/sauce. I just bake stuffs with it. It went well with bread...

Savory tomato & bacon bread pudding

And it tasted amazing with Spaghetti...oh la la

creamy tomato & bacon spaghetti

Let see what else I could make with it...

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