Monday, January 02, 2012


And that was the end of 2011, painfully fast.
So many up and down sides stories along the road.

The promotion was the start but the great responsibilities are the ones to look up for with high expectation, that was not easy.
Along the lines there are life lessons and pride to be proud of.
Put more efforts to understand different companions.
And it ends with the take away of my hardworking efforts and companions. I am still stun, speechless, angry, and unfocused, but life goes on and have gotta be more careful.

Year after year, I've learned a little more than another.
I would not be able to list what I have learned but I am sure I have another year of life experience.

May 2012 brings us all joy, faith, hope, love, and happiness in every little way.

p.s. remember to let go of the past because we are now living in the great present.

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