Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A short trip home

Last week I went back home for a quick holiday and also to attend my cousin's wedding. But before I arrived home, I have made sure that I will seIe the beach first. I know, that's sound naughty, but a girl just wanna have fun...or a woman T_T
Anyway, just a quick update here with a few pictures. And I probably should post my London, Langkawi, Kuching, and Melbourne trip soon T__T Sorryness.

On the way to Kep, Cambodia

A small port near the chalet that lead to Rabbit Island, Kep, Cambodia

My morning breakfast view, it was so serene

In front of the chalets, the view is amazing

Kep Beach

A long the way going up to Borko Mountain, Kep

An abandon building on Borko Mountain, Kep, Cambodia

The urn in Sompov Pram Temple, Borko Mountain, Kep

Borko Waterfall

Oh and I was being a tourist for two days since one of my friends was visiting Cambodia as well. The funny part was she looks more Cambodian than I am, so I ended up being asked for the entrance ticket while no one bothering her *facepalm*

The Cambodia National Museum

Happy 60th Independence Cambodia!

And here to my beautiful cousin: May you grow old with your prince charming and live happily ever after!

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