Sunday, January 04, 2009

new favorite kopitiam

There are so many kopitiams now a day. Old Town, New Town, Papa Kopitiam and many more as I could *ever* remember.
Pass by one of the kopitiam and thought of trying. Hoi Siang Kopitiam. Sounds very Chinese and homemade hehehe.
Ummm if you'd like to try, it's right beside Giant Puchong [the old Giant] next to Old Town kopitiam [yeah what do you know about that, they set up kopitiam after kopitiam O.o]

Cham C peng

p.s. they do have Teh C too XD

and you know what goes great with kopi?

Yau Char Keow

Ham toast

Herbal Steam Chicken Rice [Tasty!]

Herbal Soup Mee Suor with Chicken [not bad]

Honey Crab Dumpling [very honey...]

The best part? No Tax!! lolz


Eryn said...

omg u din try their sarawak laksa??? i brought mao mao and skang there...

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

tooo many things i wanna try XD
so i choose the simple one first...since i will having sarawak laksa soon kekeke