Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Short Updates:

Hmmm I've got nothing to write recently except my crappy works and shifting out.

- Ohh yeah, I'm moving out of my current house. Moving to the near by condo. Hopefully this will be much more better than the current one. *crossing-fingers*
- Ohh Btw, he's helping me moving too. Yeah, we aint end yet. We're still around. Don't ask me lah. It is an un-explainable-story. T_______T
- And FYI, I'm letting him go but he didn't want to let me go, okeh? So T________T I couldn't let him go now either whatthefuck.
- Was having ladies' night with Christine and Jovie @ my place the night before. Hahaha did some naughty stuffs. weeeewwwww you have no idea what we did lolz.
- And Chris is here, Cyberjaya. Hmmm I met him @ Wing's Cafe just now and it's kinda akward though. His first sentence was "Hi..." and the last one was: "Your hair looks really nice"....-____-" [only two sentence he spoke to me lolz]
Okeh, whatever..
- Next?
- Later update la then.... chiow~



- Today I was very clumsy one geh. Here is the situation:

He picked me up for McD, so we reached there and I took off the helmet (yes, we went by bike... cannot meh???) before he stopped the bike. So the heltmet hit the sign board. I don't know how on earth that sign board was put there... so it kinda shock me for a bit and everyone were staring at us. I stepped down from the bike... somemore almost fell down T______T whatthefuck la... While taking my order somemore I spill the whole cup of coke over the dead embarrasing I tell you T________T fuck la, like that also can meh. Sigh~

- Now I'm feeling very uneasy leh. How??
- Question: what if you saw your housemate's clothes (girl) in the washing machine together with your guy's clothes?
- I kept picking up the imagination that they were in the very same room too T_______T fuck la~!! Go away stupid imagination....
- I'm going to live short life if this kind of things keep happening....T__________T


Eryn said...

what naughty stuff!!!!!!! i wanna know!!!

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

>_____< cannot... know redi must follow one okeh?? muahahah