Sunday, August 14, 2011

At Kiku Zakura

Was there yesterday with a group of friend before movie. The place looks great, facing the Puchong Lake, the view could be really fantastic at time.

Flipping the menu, they do serve Wagyu Beef at RM159 nett per 100 gram, continue flipping. Everything seems to double or triple up the price from elsewhere. I wonder why. Ahhh never mind, let just call something for once I might not be here again...unless I'm alone.

Mini Gyoza @ RM 25

Sashimi set @ RM 29

Sushi set @ RM 29

Chicken Teriyaki set @ RM 24

Chicken Curry rice set @ RM 26

Saba Shyioki set @ RM 24

The food is good though the price is a little cutting throat, service ain't bad either. Give it a try if you are Japanese food lover.

I really wanna try Wagyu beef, anyone wanna go with me? lol

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