Saturday, August 13, 2011

At Yut Kee

After an awesome party and all got wasted and drama, we started our morning with the hang over and memory lost...

But we were saved by the greatilicious food at Yut Kee, Kuala Lumpur. Goodness, the service is fast fast fast and the food is great great great! They just made our dehydration and hang over disappear in a bite of the food.

The down side is, we have to wait to be seated.... well, good stuffs won't come so easy.

Beef Noodle, the soup tastes so catchy and light. Very aromatic and the tender beef.

Roti Babi, a wonderful surprise with just a bun

This is much we ordered, oh wait there are more actually just the table cannot accommodate. Dang!

Address: Yut Kee Restaurant

35 Jalan Dang Wangi (Opposite Capital Square and Wilayah Complex)

Tel. 03-2698-8108.

Updates: They might move to the new premise {Link}

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