Sunday, August 07, 2011

Boyle && Ellis

Here we have my second wedding shoots, not so proud of it though. Took for a while and the shots are just ok. Geez when can I have more time to practice T___T.

Anywho, this time is not any stranger, the couple is my friends and also is my best friend's brother. So, I was just help out :)

The wedding started off wit the 1st dinner reception at Subang Parade for the Bride's side, continue the next day for the entourage and there was a 2nd dinner reception at Alor Start for the Groom's side. Pretty tiring for the late night shoot and the next early morning to continue with.

Wedding Entourage

1st Wedding Reception

2nd Wedding Reception

She's a most happiest bride and He's the luckiest one
Wishing you both greatest wishes and soon to have Boyle Jr. and Little Ellis ^^

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