Wednesday, May 20, 2009 continue....

I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for this like crazy.... *tearing-eyes*
It finally came coincident... I was on leave ... woot!!
This is considered as my best birthday gift for myself ever!!!

The package

My favorite comic is here!!!

I also ordered the T-shirt
[I forgot that American should be bigger than me, should have order size S -___-]

They have different designs, but I purposely ordered this design... kinda tell me what I should have been doing rather than blogging this entry whatthefuck

The 3 chapters!!
Chapter 4 was out of stock!!!

I love the T-shirt very the much...

T-shirt: the back


Since I was so happy... we gotta celebrate!! hahahahha
John dapao Bakuteh for us hahahaha

Having bakuteh in the lab

*shhhhhhh don't tell the security guards that we've been eating in the lab
[that's just the post-grad life; we eat, research, sleep and do everything in the lab!!]

Still very very the happy~~~!!



Sis called: Now stop buying anything and start saving!!!
That's why I never want to share with her what I shopped!!!

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