Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hi there,

I'm back...How are you doing over there? I've been really busy lately, so many things happen... so much joy and pain hahaha
And so many birthday too ^___^
First it was Kevin's Birthday, then Ben's Birthday, then Roger's Birthday.....

Ah miaow, Ah mar and Roger

Roger and Me

He was surprise and happy ^_^

Then it's CCC's Birthday

Happy Birthday to CCC

There you are...older one more year hahahaha

after the birthday tradition lolz

then you know who birthday....

My first celebration was at Bubba Gump, Sunway (more photo in facebook)

Me & Sau Peng with our lil cupcakes and muffins

Smiles ^_^

@ Sunway

Second celebration was with him

two bottle of beers...just you and me

Third celebration @ Old Town

This tart gave to me by Swee Ping to enjoy my birthday in office while I was so dead busy and no time to celebrate hahahah

Katak, me and ah mar

Katak offered me a cup of coffee since she can't effort to offer the life time supplies of coffee (that is my birthday wish!!)

Forth celebration @ 'Top Spice' Korean BBQ, Banda Puteri Puchong


Happy Birthday to Kopiais

I am so blessed and greatful for what I have today

Another year passed, another great year stepping in...
I always complain here and there how suck my job, my study and my life... But I always continue to persuade what I most value. I am thankful for the love I have from family and friends.

Million thanks to:

My parent who called me from home and wish me happy birthday a day earlier!
My best friend who text me so damn early in the morning to wish me happy birthday
Ah mar, ah miaow, chee er, john, bee eng, allyson, melisa, katak, dennis, kevin, pete, kah wai, nicholas.... whom join me for my birthday celebrations
and many many many more friends and colleagues who wish me happy birthday...

I am blessed, thank you.

with Loves,

Kopi Ais

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