Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For my birthday I decided to get something new and different for myself.
First I bought my favorite comics collection *hugging*
Despite of the discouragement from others and inspire the encouragement from good friends, I then decided to go for the pre-marathon (May 24th, 2009) run as my birthday gift :P...

This is also listed in my 40 things I should be before I got back to the ground hahaha

so...Gambatte oh!!

Still not sure if I can do it or not... but what the hell...

After the run and we made it XD

pinky happy face

I made it, 6km in less than an hour!!
(hello!! I am no runner okay?? that is considered good already ...)

and....Who knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won some prize back hahahahahha that is the best gift ever!!

Third prize for first external female runner

I still surprise even after got the prize hehe


Dennis said...

So when are you going to register for the real 1???

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

when salary in la hahahahaha

Blue Crystal said...

wowwww/ prize...then u have to thanks to bursary staff...coz u running up and down from ccc ofis to bursary ofis most of the days ;P