Monday, January 10, 2011

Hong Kong 2010, Day 3 - Hong Kong Central

Ok, before I start this post, here is the view from my hotel room....The city of buildings and light!

Another advise for those who need visa to visit Hong Kong; if you plan to visit Macau, get your visa to Macau once you first reached Hong Kong.

T____T I ruined the plan, sort of. We supposed to be in Macau but I miss-understand the agent advise on how to get the visa, so we ended up spending the whole day in the central instead of Macau.

So there, we were spending time in the central and around Vitoria Harbour. We were walking up and down the directions. So many things to see, so many things to explore. I did mention that we were walking like mad in the entire trip but we were enjoying it so much, didn't I?

Waiting for the train at Tsuen Wan MTR station

After a few stations changed, we reached Hong Kong Central

Tram cars and the city roads

inside The Landmark, office and shopping development owned by Hong Kong Land (Asia's leading investment company)

Here's one thing you should know, the boutiques in the mall is open after 12pm and close after 10pm on weekday and after 9pm on weekend. Weird, right? But I guess it makes good sense where all the shop workers do need to spend some time at least on the weekend with the family and a little extra time to rest :P

One of the fancy cafe in The Landmark that costed us HKD 200+ for four cups of coffee

The day in the busy city starts early and ends late

Before start our mission, we had lunch at the famous roast goose in town at Yung Kee Restaurant, yet another delicious and fancy restaurant that costed us HKD 200+ for half of the goose, one steam vegetables, two rices and two noodle....

As fancy as it is but I have to admit that the food was superliciously delicious! Ah well, you get what you pay, isn't it?

Now this is where the mission started...

At SOHO area

If you are a drinker, drop by Soho area for a happy hour that starts at noon!

A shot from the super long escalator

After a long walk along soho area, we decided head back to the central and western districts

Cheng Lam was waiting for the tram car

Check out the office and other buildings in the city, it's awesome.

I call this, the Hong Kong's building

After wondered around the city, we walked all the way to Vitoria Harbour for the Vitoria Peak.

The tram car goes up to the Victoria Peak

View of Hong Kong island

This is where I got sorry. This is the only photo I have from Vitoria peak because my camera battery died on me T__________T

At the wax museum

Hong Kong Fun Facts

Very considerate sign to remind the shops to keep the noise down

very considerate aid for impaired persons at the traffic

And the Police van is simple and never change style

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