Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kopi with Pancakes!

I just love Pancakes, the texture, the softness, the sweetness and the good thing is it goes well almost with all the red meat and other.
I know doctor ask me to cut down the red meat, I'm trying, believe me. White meat is driving me insane slowly.

Here's the deal of this post, I don't remember most of the dish name so... I will try to put up the ingredient as much as possible...

Some Soup

Hawaiian Pancake

Grilled Bacon and Grilled banana with Pancake and side salad

Italian Delight

mini dollar pancake, marshmallow, fruit with chocolate fondue

me latte, me like it~

I didn't know there were frame on top of me...till I was processing the photos >_<

p.s. I did try to google around for the name...but it seems this post is the 2011 menu of Paddington House of Pancake... or people didn't take much photo to post up hahaha

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