Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wakeboarding to wake up the new year

To welcome the new year, we started off with an extreme sport, wakeboarding. I had doubt with myself, but I went through it. Wakeboarding is an extreme water sport. It's extremely hard, extremely exhausted, need extreme effort, extremely fun and extremely awesome!

We were lucky enough to get the promotion price at RM 40 per person at The Mines Watersports Resort and it took us 4hours of 8 persons to participate. According to the instructor, Garry, normal rate is around RM 260+ for an hour. Check out the rate from the site.

Special thank to our crazily fun Garry and Oliver who coach and entertain us, wait... they are coachertainer!



p.s. I might do this more often if the price a little lower....

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Dennis Lee said...

Let's do it again!!! Maybe we can negotiate with them to get some bulk discount... since they can give Groupsmore discount also...