Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is it love?

Is it what are you looking for?

Is it what are you lacking of?

When you are missing someone and wishing they were here with you.

When you are irritated by near by couple whom walking hand in hand in front of you.

Or is it just the lonely feeling that deep down inside you were left behind after the day you no longer happy?

Or is it the feeling of needing someone who you can spend sometime with?

Or is it just the feeling, once in a while and it’s nothing special after all?

Wonder will you be missing someone even though you are surrounded by friends?

Wonder what will it call if you are missing someone even though you are surrounded by friends?

Is it love?

I’m feeling love, not.

I used to believed there is Real Love.

I fell for love and thought they were the one for me.

When I woke up then only I realize that they have never been real.

After seven years, I learn not to love more.

Am I still falling?

Am I still considering this feeling as love?

Am I failing myself?

It’s just the very basic human feeling when someone needs another person to spend sometime with, to adore, having physical communicating, making themselves feel special, someone to listen to.

I'm just another self-center among humanity who presumed real love never exists.


Misssiangchin said...

i'm sorry. just want to let you know. i am with you. :)

k.o.p.i.a.i.s said...

Thanks dear...