Monday, October 27, 2008

My good friend just got back from Africa [no worries he's clean!! I guess -___-"].
And he's dying for shopping!! hahaha actually I am too, but the bank account is Empty wor..what to do, it's end of the month lolz

So we head to Sunway Pyramid after working on Saturday afternoon.
Skipped our lunch because I have too much Bao earlier lolz *fat*fat*fat*
Ah Max got himself a new toy - Ipod Nano, cost him RM 599.00 [O.o] [he said ONLY]
After shopping we all kinda hungry but it's not yet dinner time... so we head for some caffeine and a free soft tender donut of J.CO.

Caramelite Blended

With any purchase of beverage you will received a compliment of plain donut from J.CO!!
[Term and Conditions apply]

After donut, it's just bout time for dinner -__-"

Sakae Sushi

Please wait to be seated!

Salmon Don

My favorite of all time: Soft Shell Crab

Green Tea Soba

Salmon Nigri

Me and My Fish Sperms Salad [That's what he said]!!

it's Sashimi Salad lah!!

Satisfied with our dinner at the reasonable price and tasty, we head for movie!
I recommended to watch Tropic Thunder, well it's Ben Stiller, what do you think?
I've never see the trailer but it didn't disappointed me :P

Tropic Thunder

Or you may familiar with this look in MTV Grammy Awards 2008 show haha

One would believe Tom would be that different?? hahaha
Tom Cruise plays as a bald, foul mouth and big tummy celeb agent, jeng jeng jeng!!

Can you tell? [I can haha]

This is more like it

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