Monday, October 20, 2008


Dory Fish with Lobster sauce @ Secrete Recipe [RM 15+]

Checked: Always order what you know how it taste from Secrete Recipe.

Singapore Laksa @ Secrete Recipe [RM 13+]

Singapore Laksa @ Secrete Recipe

Carrot Slice [two thumbs up ^_^] [RM 6+/slice]


Chicken Rice Set @ Hometown Chicken Rice [RM 10 per set]

Hainan Chicken Set

Roast Chicken Set

p.s. I still prefer the chicken rice at the corner shop at serdang :P


Minced Beef Rice @ Thai Restaurant [a.k.a R5 hehe]


Subang Night

Went to Subang the other night to grab dinner with friends and family [ya, my friend's family and I didn't know why I followed them -____-"]

Subang is a very happen area where all the rich and high class events take place.
And it's also a place you will find you self cursing around because of no parking!! haha


My Office Desk

This is my daily life.... all you'd hear is "fix this, fix that, Urgent!"


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