Saturday, May 07, 2011

Kajang Satay, finally

For the past six years I've heard so much about Kajang Satay and was not be able to try it.
Finally I managed to go and try out how good it is as the rumors have it.

Satay is the charcoal grilled skewered meat with the variety of any type of white and red meat, some even exotic meat. Before skewered them up together, the meat was first marinated tropical spices.

Notice the green ended stick are the rabbit meat

Chicken and Beef satay

Satay is served with peanut sauce, basically the sauce is the heart of satay dish. If you fail to make the sauce, you fail to make satay.

It is also an option to serve satay with Nasi Impit (rice cake)

Now back to Kajang Satay, the rumors have it right. It was good, the sauce was good. It didn't make me jump but it was good, yeah. Pricing wise it was alright, RM 60 cents per stick and RM 1.50 for Nasi Impit. I would give 8 over 10. What would you say?

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Ted said...

love kajang satay too :)