Sunday, May 01, 2011

SteakOut steakhouse

A quick review for SteakOut steakhouse at Banda Putri, Puchong. To be honest, I was never feel like going to that restaurant because of the name of the restaurant. The only picture that popping in my head when I read Steak Out... is beef steak and very seldom I have the craving of beef steak, very seldom.
Somehow, I was recommend for a friend's birthday dinner. So there we went and gave it a try. We all know where it was but non of us know how was the food and the environment (except the one whom also was recommended by another friend haha).

So we sat there look at the table and the menu, the first think we saw was the word 'Pork'. Well, I thought they might serve pork but apparently their specialty was pork (yes, it's a non-halal place). And we ended up order everything with pork.

Pork Sausage *thumb-up*

Pork ribs with BBQ sauce *double-thumbs-up*

Pork Knuckle *quadruple-thumbs-up*

Their pork knuckle was incredible. The last time I had pork knuckle was at Over Time. It was a lot lower than my expectation then. But this time I was so much enjoying biting over the crispy skin and the tasty meat *fat-fat*

Anyway, it was a nice place, cozy environment and friendly services the plus side it was at reasonable price (the pork knuckle almost half cheaper than Over Time).
I would love to go back again, who knows probably toward end of May, no?

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